#GoWilde Week 34: Click Three Times to Tighten

If your gas cap is loose at all, fuel will evaporate from the gas tank. In the U.S., 147 million gallons of gas evaporates every year from cars with gas caps that are damaged, loose, or missing. Make sure your gas cap is tight by turning it until it clicks three times!

Another gas tip- resist the urge to top off your gas tank when you are filling up your car with gas after the machine automatically shuts off. Your gas tank needs a little extra room to allow the gasoline to expand. Warmer temperatures cause gasoline to expand, so especially in these warm summer month stop topping off. Topping off the tank may cause gas to evaporate into the vapor collection system in your car, causing the vehicle to run poorly and increase its emissions. You also increase the risk of gas spilling and causing excess air pollution. 

Following these tips will help increase your fuel efficiency and are steps in the right direction for being environmentally friendly. So #GoWilde and tighten your gas cap after filling up your tank to the automatic amount!