#GoWilde Week 36: Bars are Better

Most people today use body wash and liquid soap to stay clean, but let me tell you - bar soap is better! Bars of soap have a better environmental impact than liquid soaps, and they have better benefits for your bodies as well.

The main ingredient in most liquid soaps and body washes is water, which makes the bottles significantly bigger and heavier than a bar of soap. More weight and volume means more energy is needed to transport, and because it's liquid, there are significantly more amounts of packaging and bottling needed (most of which ends up in landfills). Body washes are known to contain chemicals or harmful ingredients that can cause skin irritation. Some ingredients to avoid in your soaps are parabens, triclosen, and BHA- all of which are thought to possibly be carcinogens or cause serious skin issues.

Bars of soap, on the other hand, are incredibly economical. They last longer, use practically no packaging, and overall are cheaper than most body washes. Even if you’ve been using body wash for a long time, give soap another try. Make sure to choose one with natural ingredients and none of the chemicals listed above, and you’ll be doing your body and the environment a big favor. It’s the greenest way to get clean!