#GoWilde Week 37: Start Biking

This week's challenge is dedicated to someone who is constantly inspiring me: Alex. Alex recently bought a used, painted gold bicycle (given the name "Just Mountain Bike"), and in just two weeks I have watched how it has changed his life as well as dramatically helped the environment. 

Bikes have so many benefits for the environment as well as for your health and bank account, and if you can find ways to start using a bike for some of your commutes, you will start noticing some positive changes! 
-Riding a bike cuts down your carbon emissions by at least 6%- if not way more! Cars produce almost a pound of pollution per mile, where bikes produce ZERO. 
-You don't have to sit in traffic! 
-Studies show that an adult who bicycles regularly has the same health of someone ten years younger and can expect to live two years longer.
-Riding a bike helps combat noise pollution, which affects wild animals and results in less roadkill. 
-It also saves you money! 
We did a little calculating, and if Alex bikes the 3 mile commute to work everyday, he will save over $8 a day just with that one single commute. This means you can be saving thousands of dollars a year by choosing your bike over your car for a few commutes a week. 

It makes too much sense not to- so #GoWilde and start biking!