#GoWilde Week 38: Bring Your Sustainable Silverware

The typical plastic fork or spoon is used for maybe 20 minutes and then thrown away. Plastic utensils are made from petroleum and can take around 100 years to begin to break down in landfills. And then while its decomposing, it is leeching toxic substances into the soil and groundwater. So why do we keep using them??

We use them with take out, fast food, at work, at potlucks- there are endless instances where we use a plastic eating utensil that we throw away. 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away in the U.S. every year. It's time for us to start making a change!

Invest in some reusable cutlery that you can pack in your bag or purse or keep at work. Bamboo cutlery can be used in place of plastic cutlery. There are a number of benefits to using bamboo. Bamboo can be grown sustainably, does not pollute the environment, and composts relatively quickly. Bamboo is a natural wood and will decompose, releasing its nutrients back into the earth, where it can be used to help other plants grow. Bamboo cutlery is affordable and sustainable- what's not to love!

You can find it online, or I found my set at my local grocery store, Lassens! So #GoWilde and always bring your sustainable silverware!