It was so much fun to work on TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything. During filming I learned so much from Adam, but the biggest shocker to me personally was learning the truth behind "flushable" wipes. The truth is, these "flushable" wipes people use really are not flushable, and instead are wreaking havoc on our sewage system. There is no governmental regulation on what is or is not given the term "flushable", so technically we could call keys, coins, lipstick, and cell phones all flushable. 

There is not enough movement and churning of water in sewage systems to properly break down flushable wipes. So they simply don't break down. Wipes get stuck to the sides of pipes creating clogs, and when enough wipes bind together they create a blockage in the pipe that city's have to spend tons of money to remove. The cost of keeping the machines and sewage system free of these wipes is growing along with the flushable product industry. The more consumers are using these wipes, the higher the costs are going to be to get wastewater treated, which will eventually affect the consumers with higher water utility costs. 

So stop using these flushable wipes! Not only is it hurting our sewage systems, but the resources needed to create, package and ship all of these wipes is unnecessary. Especially when the wipes themselves are unnecessary. So #GoWilde and stop using "flushable" wipes. 

Thank you Aam Conover for opening my eyes to so many great facts. You can watch his entertaining show, @adamruinseverything, on TruTV on Tuesdays 10/9 c! (Tune in tonight to hear all about these flushable wipes and more!