Forget wasting money on those expensive gadgets and disposable tools for dusting your countertops and blinds. Just slip a sock over your hand and gently wipe the dust off. Using a sock cleans just as well, and you can use your hand to get into small nooks and crannies. I'm sure we all have a sock or two that has lost its matching partner, so why not turn a couple of those lost socks into dusting socks! Once you are finished dusting, just throw the sock in with the rest of your laundry to be washed. 

Using socks for dusters helps eliminate the need for buying disposable cloths, tools or other majorly packaged professional dusters. Eliminate the unnecessary carbon emissions from all that packaging, transport and production of these tools just by using a sock! 

To get an even cleaner dusting, create your own eco-friendly dusting spray on your sock. Most commercial dusting sprays are full of chemicals that can harmful for both you and the environment. Just mix the following ingredients together in a spray bottle and get cleaning!

Mix together three cups water with 1 cup vinegar. You can also add 1/2 teaspoon of Dr.Bronner's soap if you have it available. You can also add 1/2 teaspoon olive oil to help collect dust easier and 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oil for a pleasant, clean smell. Because water and oil don't mix, just give the bottle a little shake before each spray!