The holiday seasons are upon us which means lots of travel, catching up with friends and family, and enjoyment! So one little tip to stay eco-friendly over the holidays is to enjoy local draft beers whenever you are out! 

When you factor in production, packaging and transportation to get beer all over the country, one bottle of beer can have quite the carbon footprint. By ordering local, draft beers, you cut down your "beer mileage". There is very little waste or packaging used for draft beers- just kegs and reusable glasses. And this gives you the chance to explore and try local beers you might not have had before.

If you do drink out of cans or bottles, make sure you remember to recycle! You should also try the latest eco-savvy way to enjoy fine beer at home – growlers. The 64-ounce glass jug, typically sporting the logo of the supplier, is filled with fresh draft beer and is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite craft beers at home. So have fun this holiday season and drink a "near" beer!