Since most of us will be indulging a little more on delicious food during the holidays, I thought it was perfect timing to think about taking the stairs! It's not a humongous amount, but by taking the stairs over the elevator you save about 72 kilowatts a day (if you avoid 2 elevators a day). Even the small amounts of energy saved adds up to big differences, and any energy saved is good for our environment. Because elevators run on electricity, taking an elevator might require the mining of uranium or fossil fuel, the operation of a nuclear or fossil fuel plant, transmission to your elevator, and the emission of greenhouse gases. So by taking the stairs, you are helping prevent all of that for your quick ride. 

Stairs are very helpful for your health! Climbing stairs is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can give your body. You burn calories going up stairs and also coming down them. For buildings that are five stories or less, studies have shown its usually faster to take the stairs than wait for the elevator. So keep of the holiday weight this season by always choosing to take the stairs!