It's gift giving time! In the United States, we use and throw away about two million tons of wrapping paper during the holiday season. That amounts to 30 million trees being cut down just to wrap our gifts. 

Instead of wrapping your gifts in paper that will just get thrown away, use a more eco-friendly option. You can recycle materials that you can find in your house right now as gift wrapping, or get creative and create a wrapping that is reusable.

Here are some fun ideas:
1. Reusable bags work great to hold gifts, and everyone could use an extra bag to bring to the grocery store!
2. Glass jars and coffee cans can hold smaller items and be decorated with ribbon.
3. Your 2015 calendar is almost used up, recycle some early months as wrapping paper.
4. Old maps make a cool wrapping paper, especially since most maps are digital now. 
5. Newspaper is an old favorite- it's fun to use the comic section!
6. Fabric like scarves, blankets and towels can be creatively wrapped like paper and double as part of the gift!
7. Cardboard cereal boxes or dried food containers can be folded and shaped as a box to hold gifts. 

Happy Holidays!