We all enjoy looking pretty, feeling nice, and putting a little effort into our appearance, but do we ever stop to think if our products were tested on animals? Animal testing is a serious problem- many corporations test their products and ingredients on innocent and defenseless animals. Animals used in laboratory tests for developing cosmetics and toiletries are mainly rabbits, mice, guiniea pigs, hamsters, rats and sometimes dogs. These animals are not relaxing while getting aromatherapy shampoo: they have harsh chemicals rubbed into their shaved skin, they are forced to breathe poisonous fumes or have lethal chemicals poured into their eyes without any pain control, and sometimes bones are broken when they are held down and forced. 

There are no excuses- there is no law enforcing animal testing, animals who are tested on are not freed after being used, and there are plenty of alternatives including new technologies that can test new products in a fraction of the time it takes when using animals. Animal testing is wrong and there are still big companies that still do it like L'Oreal, Max Factor, Ponds, Johnson and Johnson and Dial.

So what can we do? Be a conscientious shopper and know what you are buying. Take the time to look at labels before making a purchase. If you want to check on a company’s cruelty-free status, check animal rights websites for a list of approved companies. Buy cruelty-free cosmetics to save an animal, to save your skin, and to save your conscience. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are, just do the right thing.

As a makeup artist, makeup and skin care is my whole career. Learning about animal cruelty has been eye opening and appalling, so I am taking action to switch my kit over to be completely cruelty-free. Together we can start taking a stance and start making a difference.