Did you know that 2 Billion (yes BILLION) disposable razors are purchased and then tossed into our landfills in the US every year! So much in plastic gets thrown away between the razors themselves and all the packaging. This weeks challenge is all about ditching those disposable razors and creating a more Eco-friendly shaving routine!

After some research, we learned the most eco-friendly shaving tool is a safety razor! Safety razors are strong metal razors with changeable blades. The blades are sharper and last longer than disposable razor blades, and you will save much more money long term investing in a nice safety razor as opposed to buying box after box of disposable razors. To make your shaving even better, purchase a lathering brush with some environmentally friendly shaving soap. Fill a cup with water, and use only this water to lather up the soap and rinse your razor. By using this technique, you will be saving money, saving water, using eco-friendly soap that is okay to go down the drain, and most importantly you will be eliminating plastic from your shaving routine!

So jump on this eco-friendly bandwagon, and start using a safety razor with environmentally friendly shaving soap! Both men and women will be impressed by the super close shave, and also how nice it feels to use a nice quality razor.