#Go Wilde Week 6: Donate Your Clothes

The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year. Only 15% of US textiles are currently recycled- “textiles” consists of clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains, blankets, etc. The rest ends up in the trash.  

So what can we do? The most effective way to reduce textile waste is to donate or reuse clothes instead of throwing them away. Once you donate your clothes to a charity or drop box, the clothes and textiles are carefully sorted- anything that is still in good condition will be resold in a second-hand store. The rest of the clothing is downcycled for other purposes. Some will be made into rags to be used for cleaning and other purposes and the rest will be broken down into fibers to create new products like carpet, insulation or stuffing for car seats.

Do some early spring cleaning and dig through all your clothes to donate. Alex and I cleaned out our closets and donated over 50 pounds of clothes we don’t really use anymore! Every pound of clothing recycled properly saves 5.9 pounds of CO2 emissions! And next time you need some new clothes, try shopping second-hand first! (It takes up to 700 gallons of water to produce ONE new t-shirt and 1500 gallons of water to produce ONE new pair of jeans.)

#GoWilde and start donating clothes!