Newspapers and magazines are an important tool for sharing the news and important events happening in the world. Unfortunately, to produce them results in deforestation and depletion of natural resources each year. Despite being 100% recyclable, most newspapers and magazine are not properly recycled- it’s time to change that.

63 million newspapers are printed each day in the United States. Of those, 44 million are thrown away! If every American recycled their newspapers, we could save 250 million trees each year. So think before you toss, and make sure your newspapers end up in the recycling bin!

Each year, U.S magazine production uses more than 2.2 million tons of paper (that's 35 million trees), many of those trees coming from endangered forests. Magazines can be recycled just like newspapers! In addition to recycling, you can consider reusing magazines- donate magazines to hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes, military troops, schools, or pass them along to friends or family who might enjoy them. Just make sure to mark through or remove any address labels that might be on the magazine, and consider the theme of the magazine before you donate.

Try cutting back on any unnecessary magazine or newspaper purchases, and when you do purchase them, make sure to properly recycle or donate! Let’s #GoWilde and start taking steps to stop deforestation.