500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away every single day in the United States. McDonalds goes through 60 million in one day. Most of these plastic straws end up in our oceans, adding to the millions of tons of trash already there. They harm marine animals who ingest the plastic by accident- 44% of all seabirds and 22% of all cetaceans have ingested plastic straws by accident, which could cause a painful death for the animal.

It’s time to start saying no to plastic straws.

Simply ask for no straw the next time you order a drink. It can be a tough habit to break, but when the more you become aware how often plastic straws are used, the more you will start taking action to go strawless. If you really love drinking with straws, consider investing in a glass or stainless steel reusable straw that you can clean after each use. We recently bought some glass straws from Glass Dharma (as seen in the photo). They are affordable, easy to clean, and in my opinion work better than plastic straws!

So #GoWilde, and say no to plastic straws!