Every year 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline are wasted in the United States due to under-inflated tires. Checking your tire pressure and keeping the tires properly inflated is a very simple and also very important thing for the environment. The benefits of having your tires at the correct pressure will save you money, keep you safe, and reduce carbon emissions.

When your tires are even slightly deflated, your car requires a little more fuel to move. If you regularly check and inflate your tires (once a month!), you can save around $400 a year on gas. This under-inflation is causing additional carbon dioxide emissions because your car is having to work harder to move. After one year of having inflated tires, you prevent 2,880 pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere! In addition to saving money and the environment, keeping your tires inflated keeps you safer while driving. There are so many benefits to keeping your tires in check!

Here are a few tips on the proper way to stay in check:

  1. Check your tire pressure at least once a month, if not more.

  2. Check the pressure when your tires are “cold”- it’s best if the tires have been sitting for 4-5 hours with no driving to give the most accurate reading.

  3. Use a tire pressure gauge and refer to the sticker on the inside of the drivers door to know the exact pressure your tires should be.

  4. Tires lose pressure in cold weather, so be especially aware of your tire pressure when the temperature drops!

  5. If you need a little more air in your tires, air machines at gas stations only cost a few quarters to fill your tires up to the appropriate level. 

So #GoWilde- keep your tires inflated and check them regularly!