#GoWilde Week 13: Save Water in the Shower   

The state of California has just issued water restrictions to save water because of the drought, which is one of the worst in history. More than ever before, now is the time to start saving water. 

The first place we can all start saving water is in the shower! The average American shower uses 17.2 gallons of water and lasts 8.2 min.  I understand showers can be nice and relaxing, but you can still enjoy them while cutting them a little shorter. There is a smarter way to shower- "navy style"! 

A "navy shower" is a way of showering (popular in the navy where water needs to be preserved) where you turn the water off for all the "middle parts". The first thirty seconds are used to get wet, but then turn the water off to lather shampoo and soap, then turn the water back on to rinse off! This allows for a significant amount of water and energy conservation. A navy shower typically takes three minutes or less and saves gallons of water. 

Here are a couple other water saving tips for the shower that I have found:

1.     Keep a bucket next to the shower. While you are waiting for the shower water to heat up, you can catch the cooler water in the bucket and use that water to fill dog bowls or water plants.

2.     Start timing your shower, and keep trying to beat your time! Try playing music and time your showers by the number of songs. Try to get your shower down to one song!

3.     Invest in a low-flow showerhead. Conventional showerheads flow at 5 gallons a minute or more. Low flow showerheads typically flow at 2.5 gallons per minute or less.

By using these tips we can save over 56,000 liters of water a year! If we all start making these little adjustments, we can make a big difference in water conservation. #GoWilde in the shower!