Bye-bye plastic tupperware, and hello glass contianers! Until this week’s challenge, I didn’t even know glass containers were a common thing to store food in. But now that I know the benefits of glass containers over plastic to store your leftovers, I’ll never go back to plastic!

Glass containers keep food fresher and cleaner for longer. It’s no longer a question of IF toxins migrate from plastic to food, it’s a question of HOW MUCH.  Glass is the cleaner option- the non-porous surface of glass doesn’t absorb food, germs, stains or odors (unlike plastic). And it is said your food tastes fresher for longer when stored in glass!

One of the best benefits of glass is you can bake, serve, reheat, store and freeze your food in a glass container. You can take you leftovers out of the fridge and put them directly in the oven to reheat with out worrying about any plastic melting! Glass containers are more convenient, last longer, keep food clean and safe, and can be recycled WAY easier than plastic- what more do you need??

It’s time to start reducing the use of plastics from our lives, so #GoWilde and start storing your food in glass!