Want to know one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your energy efficiency? - Clean your refrigerator coils! The coils underneath or behind a refrigerator are dust magnets, and the dust causes the refrigerator to use more energy than necessary in order to keep everything cool and prevent overheating. By keeping your fridge coils clean, you can improve it's energy efficiency by as much as 9kWh a month- saving your hundreds of dollars over the years. 

Older refrigerators have the coils on the back of the fridge (like the back of our fridge in the picture!), while newer refrigerators have the coils underneath the fridge behind a removable plate. Make sure to unplug your fridge first for safety, locate the coils, clean off any dust using either a vacuum cleaner with an attachment or a brush, and then put everything back in place. Do this a few times a year to be energy efficient!

So #GoWilde, and clean those coils!