Many electronics we use, including computers, lap tops, game consoles, televisions, etc. are put in standby mode when not in use. Studies have shown this "standby mode" is responsible for 8% of energy usage in our homes. We could be saving money and energy by taking a moment to turn our electronics off when we are not using them. So moves are being made around the world to reduce this unnecessary power consumption, and all it takes is a couple seconds. 

You might not even realize the different ways energy is draining from your devices. Even on "sleep" mode, computers and laptops are using energy. Once your work is finished, turn off the computer. At home, try plugging your computer, printer, scanner and other devices into the same power strip. That way when you are finished using everything, you can just flip one switch and everything will turn off. 

Game consoles are also an energy-sucking culprit. It was recently learned that the Xbox One is causing consumers to waste $250 million annually in energy costs because of it's "instant on" mode which draws significant power 24 hours a day (even when the system is supposedly "off"). So if you use game consoles, take a few minutes to change your settings to turn off "instant on". 

Your phone or lap top only needs a few hours on the charger to be fully charged. Leaving these devices plugged into their chargers for longer periods of time or overnight is wasting energy. 

These days, companies are getting much better about manufacturing better, energy-efficient products, but it's still good to become aware of your energy consumption for your electronics! So next time don't choose standby, instead choose shut down!