It's time to stop using plastic lighters! Over 1.5 billion end up in landfills every year, and so many end up being ingested by birds and other animals who think they are food. The plastic will never break down, so once the plastic lighters are in a landfill, they are there forever. Let's all start trying to switch to a more eco-friendly option- matches!

To be more specific- use cardboard matches for all your fire-starting needs. Cardboard matches are made from recycled material and have less of an environmental impact than plastic lighters or wooden matches. If you really can't give up using lighters, an eco-friendly option is to invest in a refillable metal lighter. There lighters can last you forever if you let them and keep your carbon footprint small.

So think before you start a fire (ALWAYS), and start using cardboard matches or a refillable lighter! This will help keep plastic out of landfills and protect innocent animals from accidentally ingesting plastic. #GoWilde and strike safe!