Jams, marinara sauce, juices- there are so many things we consume that come packaged in glass containers. Instead of recycling the glasses when they are finished, repurpose them into something useful!

Every time you buy something new, consider all the energy that goes into producing that "thing", packaging that "thing", and shipping that "thing". If we can start thinking about how to recycle and reuse objects, we cut down on having to buy so many "things". Glass jars are an easy object that can be recycled and repurposed into so many useful purposes around the house!

Consider some of these ideas:

-Use a big glass jar to hold flowers

-Fill a jar with sand or rocks and use as a candle holder

-Use them as drinking glasses!

-Use old jars to make tiny terrariums or plant small plants like herbs

-Organize your office using jars to hold pens and pencils, paper clips, etc.

-Use a jar to hold water while brushing your teeth so you don't run the faucet! (see #GoWilde Challenge Week 25!)

-In the kitchen, reuse glass jars to hold baking ingredients like sugar or flour.

So #GoWilde and show us how you re-purpose glass jars! Post a photo of your re-purposed jar with the hashtag #GoWilde, and we will choose someone at random to win a Hawksbill Turtle and Harlequin Frog Wilde Animal head set!