#GoWilde Week 29: Get that Junk out of the Trunk!

This week's challenge will be quick and easy- get that junk out of your trunk! Taking out all non-essentials from your trunk helps lighten the load and makes your car more fuel efficient. Gas isn't cheap these days, so you can be saving precious $$$ by keeping your car clean and tidy (plus it always feels nice to get into a clean car vs. a cluttered car). 

For every 50 lbs. you lighten the load of your car, you save 1% on gas milage. That may not sound like a lot, but every little bit helps when it comes to carbon emissions and global warming. Carbon emissions affects the atmosphere and land creatures, and it also seriously affects our oceans. About a third of all carbon dioxide emissions from our cars and factories are absorbed by the oceans, and most of becomes "fixed" and stored in ocean plants like seagrass. Any CO2 that is not fixed dissolves into the seawater, altering the chemistry of the waters resulting in ocean acidification. It's a serious issue, and one small thing everyone can do is keep their cars light and drive them less! 

So #GoWilde this week and get that junk out of your trunk!