The bulk food aisle has always been a little intimidating to me. I've never been quite sure if I'm doing it right and end up choosing the pre-packaged option instead. Alex on the other hand usually always bee-lines it for the aisle and treats it as a huge sample aisle to fuel his grocery shopping. But now because of this week's #GoWilde Challenge, we have learned the correct ways to use this aisle as well as all the amazing benefits! 

1. It's good for the environment- It's shocking how much packaging material is used in our normal groceries. Bulk food helps eliminate significant amounts of packaging, requires less overall transportation for delivery to the store, and transportation of bulk food is more efficient because it can be packed so densely on a truck. Buying bulk has an incredibly smaller carbon footprint! 

2. It's good for your wallet- A recent study proved on average bulk foods are 89% less expensive than their packaged counterparts. That's saving us so much money! With bulk food, you are able to control how much of the product you purchase. Maybe there is a new grain or bean you are wanting to try- you don't have to buy a whole box of it, just get a small amount to try from the bulk section. 

3. It's good for your health- There are many studies suggesting health risks associated with consuming foods that have been packaged in containers with the chemical bisphenol-a, or "BPA." This chemical can be found in the majority of plastic containers and aluminum cans found in supermarkets. Shopping from the bulk section is an easy way to avoid BPA-packaged materials. 

If you want to be a master of buying in bulk,  bring your own containers to put the bulk foods in so you don't have to use the thin plastic bags! Just take your containers up to customer service when you first arrive so they can weigh them out that way you don't pay for the container weight. You can also find reusable bulk food bags online that weigh practically nothing and can be washed and reused. Invest in a few of those and you are set for green grocery shopping! 

So #GoWilde and buy in bulk! If every American purchased foods from the bulk aisle just ONCE a week for a month, we would already be saving more than 26 million pounds of packaging waste from landfills in just 30 days!