#‎GoWilde Week 52: Talk About Creating Change!

We did it! We made it a whole year introducing one small environmental change to our lives each week. It's been a fun challenge where I learned so much, was inspired by so many people and organizations, and reduced my carbon footprint enormously while raising awareness for endangered animals and their habitats.

For this last week of the challenge, I challenge myself as well as everyone else to keep talking about creating these changes! Talk about the tips and small changes we can make, give a gift of a bamboo toothbrush or bamboo utensils, bring your reusable bag to the store, show a friend an easy way to recycle- there is so much we can share! By talking to others about these lifestyle change, we can really start an impact towards a better earth. The lifestyle tips will say on the Wilde Animals Instagram, and will also be posted to the Wilde Animals website. The year long #GoWilde Challenge might be over, but the lifestyle tips won't be stopping! The #GoWilde Challenge has inspired me to keep changing and keep learning about ways to help the earth. I will continue to post about the tips I learn in 2016 as well! So THANK YOU for the support over this past year! All these small changes really do add up to a big difference!