Did you know- those synthetic foamed polyurethane sponges we are using to clean the plates and silverware we eat with are all made with petroleum, bleach, sulfates and a whole bunch of chemicals? Cheap synthetic sponges are full of triclosan- a bacteria-killing chemical which the EPA has registered as a pesticide. Even after we throw away our old smelly sponges, the triclosan continues to release out, along with dioxins and formaldehyde, and it's negatively affecting our aquatic ecosystems and soils. 

There are some better sponge options out there for you to try that are much, MUCH better for the environment! 

Try looking for sponges that are 100% cellulose which means it is made from plant-based materials (which are renewable). Trader Joes have some fun Pop-Up Sponges, and even Scotch-Brite has a Greener Clean Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge.Another eco-friendly option is to replace your sponge with quick drying dish rags that can be thrown in the washer if they need to be cleaned. Or look into Skoy Cloths which are 100% biodegradable, reusable absorbent cloths. 

Personally, I'm trying out some TWIST sponges which are plant based and dye and toxic chemical free, AND they don't use any plastic! Even the wrapper they come in is made from plants. They make cleaning the dishes so much more enjoyable with it's soft feel, but work just as well as those cheap synthetic sponges. And I got 6 of them off Amazon for $7.00! 

So #GoWilde and replace your kitchen sponge with a more eco-friendly option!