The Endangered Art

Wilde Animals are a homage to the enduring beauty of some of the planet’s most endangered species. Wilde Animals are realistic, hand-crafted, eco-responsible animal head sculptures that add a thoughtful charm to any wall.

Give Back!

Wilde Animals is dedicated to helping protect these animals and their habitats, so 15% of each purchase will go directly back to an organization working to save the animals! 



Ecologically Responsible

With the purchase of each animal head, you will receive tips and ways to make small changes in your life that can greatly impact the lives of these animals. We can all do something to help save these animals, and purchasing these animals heads and learning about them is one way to help.



After an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign in Sept 2014, we've raised enough money to purchase the necessary tools and supplies to create the next 10 animals in the line. Stay tuned as they become available for purchase!